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* System calls aren't reanalyzed upon refresh. System call list is refreshed wh...n0p2018-03-101-11/+7
* Added README.txt with install instructions.n0p2018-03-101-0/+10
* Updated syscalls.n0p2018-03-101-3/+51
* Added miasm as submodule and adjusted SystemCalls.py to this miasm version.n0p2018-03-103-12/+16
* Fixed NOPing.n0p2018-03-071-6/+7
* Updated the link to esec-lab.sogeti.com.n0p2018-03-071-1/+1
* Updated to work with IDA 7.1.n0p2018-03-071-10/+16
* Formatting.n0p2018-03-072-737/+741
* Just use miasm, if it's been imported successfully.n0p2018-03-071-15/+19
* Reusing IDA's system call analysis results, and just utilizing miasm in case ...n0p2017-02-201-5/+30
* Discovery phase reworked and implemented with the new IDAPython API.n0p2017-02-191-32/+40
* Some more refactoring.n0p2017-02-191-81/+130
* Some refactoring.n0p2017-02-182-359/+299
* Basic blocks without an entry, e.g., exception handler basic blocks in IDA, c...n0p2017-02-181-7/+24
* Using miasm's depgraph to get EAX/RAX, now.n0p2017-02-181-152/+176
* Adding LICENCE file for GPLv2.n0p2017-02-121-0/+339
* First commit.n0p2014-10-121-0/+987